“How should I prepare for the first session?”

Beforehand, I will send you a questionnaire about your medical history, which you can either return to me one day before the session or just bring with you on the day. This will contain valuable information that makes it easier for me to understand your body.

On the day of the session:
On the day the session, please do not use any body lotion, as this leaves a film on the skin that will make it difficult for me to access the layers of your connective tissue. If your skin is very dry, you may use a pure and easily absorbed oil (e.g. almond, jujube or coconut).

“How long does a Rolfing session last?”

A session lasts usually 75 minutes. The first session is always a little longer, due to the initial orientation. You can allow a good 90 to 100 minutes for this.

“Can I exercise or do sport after a session?”

Experience shows that many clients are tired after the session. The body has to reorganise itself. Personally, I would advise against any sporting activities for the rest of the day after the session, but rather recommend that you rest and sense its effect on your body.