making space
making space

Goal of the session

Because in Rolfing® we don’t concentrate on treating symptoms, but rather on creating balance in the body, most symptoms don’t disappear after just one session.
Nonetheless, a distinct difference can be felt as the body begins to work on reordering itself: adhesions are resolved, and tension is relieved.


In the first consultation, we discuss wishes and expectations, together with your medical history.

Before each session, I visualise your body structure, taking note of where more space is required in the body, and the effect of gravity on your stance and gait.

During the session, you wear your underclothes or a bikini, taking a sitting position or moving on the couch. Important: don’t put any cream or lotion on your body beforehand and don’t wear any perfume. You may certainly apply a natural body oil, as this is well absorbed and leaves no film on the skin.



An efficient –
and above all
sustainable – plan

Dr. Ida Rolf’s plan comprises a series of 10 (+) sessions, where we work from the outer to the inner layers, with everything integrated by the final session. In so doing, it’s essential not to ask too much of the body and thereby trigger a new trauma (i.e. by releasing one point, to cause new pains, blockages or adhesions at another point). The body must always feel safe and be able to accustom itself to its new state.

The 10 sessions do indeed follow a precise sequence by body region, but the treatment is always individual and does not follow a fixed programme.

It isn’t absolutely essential to do all ten sessions. The sequence appropriate for you will emerge from our initial conversation about your personal goals.