Balance is something dynamic...
Balance is something dynamic...'s not a fixed state. It's the body's capacity to constantly adapt to the circumstances and pressures around us. When we become fixed in habitual patterns, we lose our capacity to adapt. These can result on a fiscal level in adherences in the tissue, chronic tension and on the long run in changes of structure and in losing our ranges of motion. On a mental level the results can be emotional stress and blockages and on the long run states of depression or anxiety. In Rolfing we work on a fiscal level by touching the different layers of the body, to bring them back in balance. We do this by working with the fascia and the person's awareness of the body and space around him.

A new feeling of vitality.
A new posture.
New perspectives.

Was ist Rolfing<sup>®?
Was ist Rolfing®?
Was erwartet mich?
Was erwartet mich?
Wer erwartet mich?
Wer erwartet mich?

“When the body gets
appropriately, the force
of gravity can
flow through,
then spontaneously,
the body heals itself.”

Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896–1979)