by Sharon Wheeler

Scars are not always only superficial; they sometimes go very deep. Not only cuts, but also small incision scars, as might result from appendectomy or removal of the gallbladder, destroy the tissue right down to the deepest layers. This affects larger regions and can cause serious structural problems.
American practitioner Sharon Wheeler developed a gentle technique, which begins at the surface and then slowly approaches the scar in the lower levels and re-integrates the scar tissue into the fascial web.
Tensions and sensitivity disturbances are thereby resolved and the structure is brought back into balance.

This treatment can be integrated into the Rolfing® sessions very effectively.



Why ScarWork?

We often forget that we have scars at all. In particular, C-section and appendectomy (removal of the appendix) are often not considered operations. As long as the scars do not cause us any discomfort, we see no need for treatment.

Sometimes, however, we simply think that it is useless after all ...

Very few people, including doctors, know that there is a gentle way to treat scars and that, if they do cause problems, they do not need to be cut open again.

We have become accustomed to the scarred tissue and live with it. We are not even aware of the limitations. But the difference is immense! After the treatment, you immediately feel "whole" again.

A epidural analgesia (PDA) can also affect your well-being and be the cause of migraine or chronic back pain, for example.

Even one session has a big impact on the scar.